Things I Enjoyed In My Youth For Reasons I Don’t Understand Now

Or what the heck was i thinking?

The other part of my Saturday morning routine October 21, 2008

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So, last post I talked about what my Dad, sister and I used to watch on Saturdays when my mom was away at work.  Kids Inc. was not exactly Dad’s cup of tea.

What we watched afterwards, though, was:

I’m not sure what Mom would have thought if she knew we watched this.  Religiously.  So that we knew all the characters and who was good and who was bad.  This was the 80s (obviously) and we were still in the throes of the Cold War.  Of course they had a Soviet character.  She was bad and her backstory involved being a member of the KGB.  When the Cold War ended, however, she became good because Russia was now our ally.  Go figure.

And yes, that is Sylvester Stallone’s mother trying to rap.  That was the thing in the 80s.  Everyone thought they could rap.


Part of my Saturday morning routine… October 5, 2008

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When I was a kid (around 6 or 7 years old) my mom worked on Saturdays meaning my sister and I spent the morning with Dad.  Those were fun days.  First of all, my sister and I had pretty long hair (she still does, mine has varied throughout the years).  He only knew how to comb it one way so we’d wind up with longer versions of his hairstyle (which has not changed as long as I’ve been alive, except it’s more gray).  We had our morning tv routine and, when things got especially dire, he’d take us to a matinee.  We once watched The Care Bears Movie three times in one day.

So when he and I argue about Obama versus McCain, and he wonders where he went wrong because our ideologies are so vastly different from his, I can think about how much he really loves us because the man really has put up with a lot.  Case in point:

We watched this every Saturday without fail.  Mari and I would climb into his recliner with him and we’d watch it together.  To be honest, I think he secretly enjoyed it.  As some of my friends know, my dad is actually pretty hip when it comes to music.  (Imagine my surprise when I came home from college once to find he had learned all the words to “Shake Ya Ass” by Mystikal.  Talk about traumatic.)  So Kids Inc., which was really the TV precursor to those somehow popular Kidz Bop cds, really was a way for the three of us to share a common bond.

Watching the clips, it’s a reminder why drugs are bad.  Look at how cute and fresh-faced Fergie was before she became a meth-head:

Mario Lopez, on the other hand, was always kind of a meathead.


Maybe the world is blind… September 15, 2008

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Or maybe just I was.  How else could you explain my wanting to dress like this:

This is definitely in the annals of “What Was I Thinking?”  Also, thank God my mother had some sense.

Granted I was eight when Punky Brewster first aired.  Granted she was abandoned by her mom and perhaps that was the excuse for the fact that she dressed like a colorblind homeless person.  But really?  Two different colored Converse?  A bandana tied around the knee?  What was it supposed to do there, anyway?  Serve as a tourniquette?  How did it stay up?  It wasn’t for another ten years that I realized that wearing one pant leg up had gang connotations.  Were we supposed to think this live-action Rainbow Brite was hardcore?

Of course, this show also introduced us to the star of another cheesy late 80s show: