Things I Enjoyed In My Youth For Reasons I Don’t Understand Now

Or what the heck was i thinking?

Some trends should be left in the fashion vault. September 18, 2008

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Katie Holmes, I’m looking in your direction.


Why, God, Why?

Why, God, Why?

Nothing sends me back to middle school more than this look which I pray DOES NOT CATCH ON.  DO YOU HEAR ME, PEOPLE?  DON’T LET THIS SPREAD.

I did this until about the eighth grade when I finally realized how stupid it looked.  I can understand pegging (or as we called it, French cuffing) your jeans if you are going out into the deep woods and you don’t want anything to crawl up your legs.  But see that pic on the left?  That, invariably, would happen throughout the day — at least one leg would come loose and you’d have to do it up again.  It adds up to a waste of valuable boy-watching time.  

Thankfully, it seems from my sister’s magazines (I refuse to buy my own copies of US Weekly or Star) that this was labeled a DON’T.  I’m blaming the thetans.


Not everyone should rap… September 5, 2008

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Though that hasn’t stopped people.  One word:  SHAQ.

I’m not sure what my excuse for buying this album was:

Yes, long before she married Dave Navarro, long before she was in Scary Movie, and on Baywatch, before she was in Playboy and hosting Singled Out, Carmen Electra was a Prince protegee who released an album.  And behold, its glorious suckitude.

I will say that as a sophomore I was taking classes at United Rhythms Dance Studio and we we danced to one of her songs (not the one in the video).  That was the impetus for buying the tape (back when the music store at the mall was called Record Town).  And I (more than likely) embarrassed myself at Platt’s one and only talent show (at least while I was there) by performing a self-choreographed dance routine to the song I first heard in dance class.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortuitively) I never got the tape back from the people who put together the talent show.

On the plus side, that is Prince singing backup and I believe that video was featured in an episode of Beavis and Butthead.  So it’s got that going for it.