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Metapost: Was ’80s music really that bad? September 29, 2008

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I have been meaning to post this since I heard it at the beginning of the month but, well, life got in the way.  The always awesome All Songs Considered recently offered up an entire episode aimed at answering the audiophile question for the ages:  The ’80s: Were They Really That Bad?

It’s kind of hard to think positively about a decade that kicked off with the murder of John Lennon (a sign of the terrible things to come?).   Some of it was truly bad.  Prime example:  “We Built This City (On Rock and Roll).” Some of it was pretty good.  I’ve gained an appreciation for the Talking Heads and the Clash as I’ve gotten older.  A lot of guilty pleasures remain in my iTunes music folder (Journey, ABC, Toto (oh, God, Toto…).

And I don’t care how much the gang at All Songs Considered decries this song as among the worst of the ’80s.  Whenever I hear it, there’s a part of me that’s still six years old and gets excited every time it’s on:

Edit: Upon further review, the crime here is not the over-synthed sound.  It’s the really.. uh… fancy dancing in the video.  And maybe Deniece Williams’s hair.

Additional Edit: The video got taken down … but a search for a replacement video inspired a new post.